Friday 10 October 2014

Marion Shuster's Musical Timeline on

Marion Shuster's official website

Here you will find a detailed musical timeline of Marion's musical and singing career as well as contact details and related sites.
Marion Shuster

About Marion Shuster

Marion Shuster has more than 30 years professional experience as a singer, teacher, conductor, composer and producer of shows and concerts.

Currently, Marion teaches and coaches privately to diploma level and organizes regular concerts with her two choirs, Singing Circle and students. She still enjoys solo work and is in increasing demand as an accompanist.

Ending Quote by Marion Shuster

"Music is a tremendously direct, emotive form of aesthetic communication, and the human voice expresses perhaps the most moving and intimate music we have. Most of my students are surprised to find that they can sing far better than they suspected. It is a great pleasure to bring this potential forward into performance." - Marion Shuster 2014


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